#ModPodSquad Reunites: Earth Day TX 2017

The winter Immersive Design Challenge at SMU, explained in my previous three posts, ended on January 18, 2017. I realize that I never did a formal wrap-up post detailing our presentation and showcasing the life-sized prototype of our creation, the ModPod, a digitally-fabricated flat-packed solar-powered charging station, but luckily there are press releases that did …

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“That’s so cool! Uh, what is it?”

The title of this post accurately reflects replies I've gotten to pictures on social media of the SMU IDC team's "Mod Pod" prototype, so hopefully I can clear up some confusion. The Mod Pod (pictured in the post's featured image) is a modular, flat-packed, digitally fabricated, solar-powered public charging station.  Wow, that was a lot …

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Street Walking and SketchUp Drawing: The IDC Continues

Note: For background information regarding the Innovation Design Challenge, read my previous post. Approximately 4 hours remain until design files are due to Better Block to cut plywood sheets with their CNC Router. Two days remain until our product pitch. We've been busy in the basement of Caruth Hall at the Deason Innovation Gym (as you …

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