On Purple Pens and the Trap of Uniformity

I have a problem. In my room at home I have a pink dollhouse bookcase (yes, I found the exact same 15-year old bookcase still being sold in Target). The bookcase itself, however, is not the problem. The problem is what lies above the shelf of dusty test prep books and below the shelf of jewelry stands- a row of half-used …

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Mixed Martial What!?

Comfort zones are strange things. They entail walls that are entirely self-constructed, yet breaking out of them is a momentous and joyful occasion. Why it is so satisfying to break through something that simply exists due to one's own mental inflexibility will remain a mystery to me; nonetheless, this is exactly the journey I undertook this …

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Full Circle – A Coldplay Experience

  Current time: 1:30 AM Current location: Home sweet home Mental time: 9 PM Mental location: AT&T Stadium, Dallas TX Four and a half hours ago, I was able to cross something very important off my bucket list. A bucket list that, as my roommate has pointed out, is not actually written down anywhere, but …

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