About Sunjoli Aggarwal


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Laughter. Curiosity. Purpose.

If I had three seconds to capture the essence of who I am and what I strive for, these three words would do it. I love to make those around me laugh, even if that means adapting some idiosyncrasies along the way. I am ever curious about anything and everything around me. Lastly,  I crave to extract meaning and purpose from my work and my interactions with others.

I am currently a sophomore studying Computer Science as a President’s Scholar at Southern Methodist University. When I’m not working on schoolwork, I love to make room in my schedule for a run. If I’m back home, a visit to the neighborhood swing set is of utmost importance. There, I can think about my day, or just not think at all. Also intermittently included during a long week is time to browse through Pinterest/Instructables/TechRepublic, watch some Netflix, FaceTime friends and family, or read about space/physics. I can’t wait for an exciting four years at SMU and am craving to learn more about my field of Computer Engineering.

Click through these pictures to see some memories from the past couple years!