Up until 5 pm, today had been a relatively wearisome day. My research meeting had taken an unexpected turn, work had been a tad slower than usual, and the mile long to-do list on the white board in my apartment was weighing down on my thoughts all day. The minute I got back from work, …

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“Wikipedia is Not a Teaching Tool”

What crossed your mind when you read the title of this post? An internal eye roll? A hearty nod of agreement? Flashbacks to the first time you heard this from a teacher? Hearing these words uttered by my Artificial Intelligence professor, 4,941 miles away from home in a Spanish university, brought a smile to my …

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On Purple Pens and the Trap of Uniformity

I have a problem. In my room at home I have a pink dollhouse bookcase (yes, I found the exact same 15-year old bookcase still being sold in Target). The bookcase itself, however, is not the problem. The problem is what lies above the shelf of dusty test prep books and below the shelf of jewelry stands- a row of half-used …

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#ModPodSquad Reunites: Earth Day TX 2017

The winter Immersive Design Challenge at SMU, explained in my previous three posts, ended on January 18, 2017. I realize that I never did a formal wrap-up post detailing our presentation and showcasing the life-sized prototype of our creation, the ModPod, a digitally-fabricated flat-packed solar-powered charging station, but luckily there are press releases that did …

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